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Polar explorers filmed small penguins: Feathered father feeds chicks

Polar explorers filmed small penguins: Feathered father feeds chicks Penguin chicks at Vernadsky Station (photo:

At the Vernadsky Station, researchers continue to marvel at the adorable little penguins that recently hatched. This time, polar scientists managed to capture on video the feathered parents feeding their offspring, reports the latest update from the National Antarctic Scientific Center.

What do little penguins look like

The little chicks confidently stand on their tiny legs but stay close to their parents. They snuggle up to them, pressing their backs against their parents and literally peeking into their beaks.

Полярники зняли на відео маленьких пінгвінів: дивіться, як пернатий батько годує дітлахів

Penguins at Vernadsky Station (screenshot)

The footage even captured the moment when the feathered father feeds the penguins. Interestingly, the chicks seem completely unafraid of the polar researchers. It is noted that biologists Taras Peretyatko and Vadim Tkachenko successfully recorded these video fragments.

How does the network react

In the comments, users express their delight in watching the penguins. The video has touched users, and they write:

  • "They react so calmly to you; it's so cool! This is a very touching and positive video, thank you."
  • "Thank you so much for this video; it's interesting and soothing."
  • "I love how they tug at the pebbles."
  • "They are wonderful."
  • "Short videos like these are better than medicine."