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Poland and allies scrambled jets over Russian airstrike on Ukraine

Poland and allies scrambled jets over Russian airstrike on Ukraine Polish Air Force aircraft were scrambled amid Russian missile attack on Ukraine (photo:

Poland, together with its allied countries, scrambled military aircraft overnight in response to a Russian combined air attack on Ukrainian territory, according to the Twitter account of the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces.

In a statement, the Polish military noted that their aviation began operating in Poland's airspace and warned that this may lead to increased noise levels, especially in the southeastern part of the country.

"Tonight, there is intensive activity of the long-range aviation of the Russian Federation, associated with the task of striking with cruise missiles, SHAHED unmanned aerial vehicles, and ballistic missiles at objects, including those located on the western territory of Ukraine," the announcement said.

The Polish military also recalled that before this, the activity of Russian aviation during strikes on western regions of Ukraine was recorded overnight on June 1.

"All necessary procedures have been initiated to ensure the safety of Poland's airspace, and the Operational Command of the Armed Forces is constantly monitoring the situation," added the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces.

Russian night-time combined attack

Due to another massive airstrike by Russian forces overnight on June 7, a large-scale air raid alert was declared across Ukraine.

It was also reported that around midnight, during an enemy attack with Shahed drones, explosions were heard in Odesa.

Later, it became known that several strategic aviation aircraft (Tu-95) had taken off in Russia, followed by the launch of cruise missiles by the Russian military over Ukrainian territory. Additionally, air defense forces and equipment were active in various regions, including the Kyiv region.

Moreover, explosions were reported in the Khmelnytskyi region, particularly in the city of Starokostiantyniv, which came under enemy attack.