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Pilots list 6 things they don't recomend to do as passengers

Pilots list 6 things they don't recomend to do as passengers What pilots will not do as passengers (photo: Freepik)

There is a whole range of things that can turn a flight into a real horror - for both other passengers and flight attendants. Flight attendants have named things they will never do as passengers, according to Huffpost.

Do not leave your shoes when going to the restroom

Dor Arnarsson, an Icelandic airline pilot, mentioned that passengers often take off their shoes for comfort when seated during the flight.

However, it is essential always to wear shoes when using the restroom.

Do not stand up until the plane has landed

It is advised not to stand in the aisle when the plane has not landed yet.

Unbuckling seatbelts before the plane has landed and come to a complete stop is strictly prohibited, as it can be hazardous.

Pilots may need to apply brakes suddenly, for instance, when instructed by air traffic control to wait.

Do not board without a drink

It's advisable to plan and bring bottled water. On commercial flights, there are instances where flight attendants may not be able to serve cold beverages due to very short flights or turbulence.

To avoid thirst in such unexpected situations, it's a good idea to purchase a bottle of water at the airport before boarding.

Do not panic during turbulence

Turbulence is not dangerous if you follow the crew's instructions – stay seated and fasten your seatbelt when instructed to do so.

Do not keep the shade closed during takeoff and landing

Pilot and blogger Mindy Lindheim mentioned that she never closes the window shade during takeoff or landing.

"Not only does it provide the best views you can experience, but it also allows passengers to be an extra set of eyes. Pilots can't see a large portion of the wing from the cockpit, so a passenger might be the first to see something abnormal and alert the crew," he said.

Do not board until you are organized

Before the boarding process begins, it's a good idea to organize your belongings to minimize time and quickly get to your seat. Have everything you want with you during the flight readily accessible.

It only takes a few minutes to check your belongings and ensure that essential items are where they should be. This way, you can easily reduce the time spent blocking the aisle and slowing down others.