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Orthopedists answer whether Crocs harm feet or not

Orthopedists answer whether Crocs harm feet or not Are Crocs not harmful to the feet (photo: Screenshot)

Crocs are colorful shoes with holes resembling Swiss cheese. They first appeared on store shelves in 2002 and immediately became a hit! Over the past few years, this comfortable footwear has experienced a renaissance.

Website Womans World tells about their harmful effects on the foot.

Why are Crocs so popular

Crocs are very comfortable because they don't need to be laced up. Orthopedist Gregory Alvarez from the US says that their design and material sets them apart from others.

"Crocs are made from a proprietary closed-cell resin called Croslite, which provides cushioning and comfort," he explains.

"The design also includes a roomy fit. Some people find this extremely comfortable because it allows their feet to move freely and breathe," adds the specialist.

Orthopedist Robert Conenello agrees, adding that the width of Crocs allows feet to feel comfortable.

For those who spend all day on their feet, this can prevent injuries from rubbing (like blisters) and keep toes from pressing against each other. So it's no wonder these shoes have sparked interest from everyone, from professional athletes to designers and celebrities like Drew Barrymore.

Are Crocs good for your feet

Despite their popularity, are Crocs really beneficial for your feet?

"For casual, short-term wear, Crocs can be quite comfortable and convenient. They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and offer decent shock absorption. However, for prolonged use or activities requiring more support, they may not be the best choice," Dr. Alvarez reported.

Dr. Conenello shares a similar opinion.

"I’m not a huge fan [of Crocs] to be quite honest, but I think they’re ok to wear in certain circumstances. As a foot covering, they’re quite effective and can be great for going short distances. But they aren’t meant for all-day use, especially if you’re very active," he emphasized.

Такі улюблені та комфортні крокси. Чи не шкідливе це літнє взуття для ніг?

Crocs can be good when you don't wear them every day (Screenshot)

When are Crocs really necessary

When breathability is needed

If your feet sweat or if you have a history of fungal infections like onychomycosis (toenail fungus) or athlete's foot, wearing this footwear will allow your feet to breathe. Their design provides excellent air circulation. This can help prevent foot odor and fungal infections.

For home use

There's nothing wrong with going barefoot. But if you have hardwood or tiled floors in your home, it can be tough on your feet. The soft sole of Crocs can act as a cushion, reducing wear and tear. Dr. Alvarez says this makes them a great choice for indoor footwear as they provide more arch support and cushioning than traditional slippers.

During work

Closed-toe Crocs are popular among chefs, restaurant workers, and nurses. They're easy to clean and disinfect, making them a convenient choice. After a day's work, simply rinse them off with soap.

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