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Nutritionist shared right way of brewing tea: Secret method revealed

Nutritionist shared right way of brewing tea: Secret method revealed Nutritionist shared secret way of brewing tea (Photo: Freepik)

Tea has become a daily ritual for many people. As it turns out, you need to add one more ingredient to make the perfect drink. What to add when brewing tea to improve its taste - in article by RBC-Ukraine.

The following sources were used while writing the material: the Daily star website and the Telegram channel of nutrition expert Natalia Mazuryk.

The secret of making tea

Michelle Francl, PhD in chemistry, has revealed the secret to making the perfect drink. She claims that adding salt to a cup of tea is necessary.

From a scientific point of view, this helps to reduce bitterness.

This is because the key element, i.e., the sodium ion, is involved in the chemical mechanism that causes the bitter taste. A small pinch of salt is enough to neutralize the viscosity and bitterness of the drink.

Michelle also shared other tips:

  • warm up the cups before brewing;
  • do not use the same tea bag twice;
  • do not put tea in the microwave, as it will brew incorrectly;
  • if you drink tea with milk, first heat it before pouring it into a cup.

How to choose quality tea

Nutrition expert Natalia Mazuryk said that there are important rules to keep in mind:

  • leaf tea is better - make sure that all the leaves are the same size and the right shape, and that there are no roots in the bag. If you buy tea by weight, try to unfold one leaf. It is better not to buy one that immediately crumbles in your hand;
  • tea should be free of additives and flavors - often manufacturers try to disguise low-quality raw materials with them;
  • brewing will help you understand - if you notice debris and roots rising to the surface of the water during brewing, this is low-quality tea. But the presence of a film does not always mean that you are looking at a really tasty product. Green tea is often bitter if it is of poor quality.

Enough for a home tea party:

  • 2 g for a 250 ml cup
  • 5 g for 3 cups
  • 9 g for 6 cups

How to store tea

The expert said that simple rules should be followed when storing tea:

  • choose a dry place - tea absorbs moisture well and can lose its taste and aroma;
  • store in a cool place - the higher the temperature, the faster the tea will oxidize;
  • store in closed airtight containers - this will protect against moisture and odors;
  • avoid "neighborhood" with products with strong flavors - tea absorbs all odors well.

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