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Nutritionist's insights on fitness bars: Who should eat them and their key drawbacks

Nutritionist's insights on fitness bars: Who should eat them and their key drawbacks Are fitness bars beneficial for health? (Collage: RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Daria Shekina

Bars are a popular snack before or after a workout. They are also often purchased as a healthy alternative to a full meal. However, it's worth knowing whether such a product is truly beneficial, according to a post by nutritionist Vira Kuryn.

The whole truth about fitness bars

A nutritionist says that most fitness bars are high in calories.

Depending on their composition, such bars can be nutritionally valuable, but they often lead to weight gain due to the surplus of energy. That's why it's not advisable to trust advertising - the eat and lose weight formula doesn't work here.

People tend to demonize sugar and believe that honey, agave syrup, or coconut sugar in the ingredients make the product healthier. In reality, all these ingredients affect the body the same way as regular sugar.

Can everyone consume them?

It's important to remember that protein bars are not suitable for everyone. Many protein bars use highly filtered protein. This is indicated in the ingredients as whey or soy protein isolate.

Considering that humans already consume proteins from sources such as meat, fish, eggs, and milk, it's easy to exceed the daily dose. Therefore, it's better to leave protein bars for athletes.

"If you enjoy the taste of health bars, you can occasionally incorporate them into your diet. However, it's better to give preference to full breakfasts, lunches, and dinners," the message says.

It's worth noting that there are also energy bars designed to provide a quick and efficient source of energy. These bars mainly contain dried fruits, grains, and nuts.

It's important to consume bars from reputable manufacturers or make them yourself.

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