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Nutritionist explains why you keep sweets in healthy diet

Nutritionist explains why you keep sweets in healthy diet Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

When a person starts eating right, sweets are often the first to disappear from their diet. However, desserts are often the products that become the breaking point.

Dietitian Olesia Dobrianska explained why it's better to keep sweets in your diet and how not to stumble upon them.

Why desserts should be included in a diet

According to Dobrianska, in some cases, strict refusal of favorite foods can lead to overeating. And a little later, there is a breakdown on forbidden products.

Another drawback of completely excluding sweets from the diet is stress and anxiety. If you love desserts but have not eaten balanced meals before, sudden refusal can evoke negative emotions. Thus, what seems like a good habit of healthy eating becomes a real challenge.

"Everything is possible! Balance is crucial," emphasizes the expert.

If you have decided to eat balanced and healthy, but you keep craving sweets, here's some advice from Olesia Dobrianska:

  • Don't eat your "forbidden" product (which may not only be sweets) on an empty stomach. Instead, leave it for the end of the meal when you finish the main intake of food.
  • Don't eat it all at once. Divide sweets into portions for each meal.
  • Don't buy a lot of sweets at once. A small portion will save you from overeating.
  • Add interesting flavors, spices, bright products, etc., to your dishes. This will make your plate so interesting and rich that you won't feel the need to fill the emotional gap with chocolate or anything else.

How much sweets can you eat per day

The safe norm is 10% of the daily calorie intake. That is, if you consume 1,800 calories during the day, there should be 180 calories of sweets.

However, these norms are subjective and are intended to include other products that will bring benefits.

It is much better to gradually change your eating habits, without strickt and sudden prohibitions or restrictions.