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New 2024 Year: How to greet Green Wooden Dragon and things it to bring

New 2024 Year: How to greet Green Wooden Dragon and things it to bring Illustrative photo (

Next year, according to the Chinese calendar, will be the Year of the Green Wooden Dragon. It will begin not on January 1 but on February 10, 2024, and will conclude on January 28, 2025. The Dragon will reign throughout the upcoming year. The significance of the Dragon and what 2024 prepares for all of us is explained by RBC-Ukraine.

During the material preparation, sources such as Wikipedia, My Calendar, and Day Today were used.

Eastern horoscope

In the Eastern horoscope, there are five elements - water, fire, wood, metal, and earth. Each element has associated colors. The complete calendar cycle spans 60 years, so the symbols align once every 60 years. There are 12 main symbols. According to this calendar, the year 2024 is the Year of the Green Wooden Dragon.

In Asian countries, the Dragon is considered a powerful figure that brings prosperity and luck. It also symbolizes energy and power. However, dragons are delicate and gentle creatures in their behavior.

The Year of the Dragon will only begin on February 10 and will conclude on January 28, 2025.

Year's symbols

Colors: Golden, silvery, grayish-white. Inauspicious: Blue, green.

Numbers: 1, 6, 7, and combinations (11, 16, 17, etc.). Inauspicious: 3 and 8.

Flowers: Lion's tooth.

Type and motto: Leader, yang "I lead!"

Strong qualities: Noble, generous, innovative, demanding, insightful, visionary.

Weaknesses: Intolerant, rough, impulsive.

Compatible with: Rat, Dragon, Monkey.

It is an exotic, spirited sign inclined towards mysticism. It is associated with success, power acquisition, wealth, and freedom. The Eastern Dragon is the only mythical creature in the zodiac that does not carry a negative meaning; instead, it represents the harmony of Heaven and Earth.

In life, the Dragon tends to make quick decisions, is impulsive, and often fiery. It loves taking risks, playing, and is drawn to the world of pleasures and entertainment.

The unpredictability of its actions makes it challenging in long-term partnerships. Moreover, the Dragon enjoys criticizing others, can be intrusive in communication, sharp in expressions, and demanding of both others and itself.

It likes to be in the spotlight, so that those close to it fully share its interests and do not bother with everyday trifles.

Bright acting abilities, as well as talent in other areas, help the Dragon gain popularity and success in any field. It can be relied upon in any matter.

Green Wooden Dragon

Wood symbolizes physical and spiritual growth, so success and achievement will accompany confident individuals with clear and noble goals.

The green color represents the overall energy of the year, signifying renewal, rebirth, and the beginning of a new life.

How to celebrate the 2024 New Year

Experts recommend using bright shades and decorations in outfits - the Dragon loves everything shiny and sparkling. An embroidered dragon on clothing will be very appropriate. Elements with golden, silvery, and gray-white accents, such as necklaces, brooches, bracelets, sequins, and rhinestones, are also appropriate.

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