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Mickey Rourke announces $1 million fundraising campaign for Kherson restoration

Mickey Rourke announces $1 million fundraising campaign for Kherson restoration Mickey Rourke wants to rebuild houses in Kherson (photo: Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

American actor and screenwriter Mickey Rourke has decided to help the people of Kherson, who are suffering from constant Russian shelling. He announced a $1 million fundraiser to rebuild homes, according to Mickey Rourke's post on his Instagram account.

The famous Hollywood actor has been admiring Ukraine and Ukrainians for many years. He has repeatedly expressed his support for our country in the war with Russia.

Recently, he called on his fans to join in raising a million dollars to help the people of Kherson. The money will be collected for the One World Aid Alliance charity fund, which is run by Dmytro Korniichuk, a friend of the actor from Mykolaiv.

"I know you people are going through a lot of terrible shit. My assistant, who has been with me for 10 years, Dima, is from Ukraine and I love him very much. He has 12 family members back in Ukraine. Dima is from Mykolaiv. My message to all the people of Ukraine. This has nothing to do with bullshit politics," Mickey Rourke says.

The money raised will be used to provide housing assistance to residents of Kherson whose homes were destroyed by Russia.

"Our goal is to rebuild homes in Kherson and bring safety to families enduring these tough times. We’re aiming to raise $1 million and every donation brings us closer to this goal," the actor emphasizes and shows footage from Kherson in the video.

The actor has been friends with Dmytro Korniichuk for many years. Earlier he said that he had bequeathed him his fortune and wanted to be buried in Ukraine, where his friend was born and raised.

Mickey Rourke also notes that he has many friends from Ukraine who are now defending their country. He watches the news every day and worries about every Ukrainian.