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Mercury retrograde period upcoming: Some zodiac signs should be more careful

Mercury retrograde period upcoming: Some zodiac signs should be more careful Which zodiac signs will be affected by Mercury retrograde (RBC-Ukraine collage)

The horoscope for the next three weeks warns that a period of Mercury retrograde has begun, and this planet can influence people's lives and affairs. For some representatives of the zodiac, the coming weeks will be tumultuous.

Zodiac signs should be careful during Mercury retrograde, according to Spiritualify.

As Mercury rules your sign, any changes in the position of this planet hold great significance for you. This time, Mercury will impact the sphere of intimacy and financial investments. You may face deep sensitivity, particularly related to unresolved issues from your past. This is an opportunity to address these issues.

From December 23, be cautious in the partnership zone. There might be a confusing dynamic in your relationships, increasing the likelihood of misunderstandings. There's a chance of crossing paths with a former partner, reopening past chapters, or providing an opportunity to conclude that chapter finally.


Mercury is your ruling planet, so its influence will be significant. The retrograde cycle begins in love, romance, and self-expression. It's a period of reconnecting with passions and contemplation that truly motivates and excites you. You may revisit past relationships or interests, gaining insight into how your desires and aspirations have changed.

From December 23, emotions will intensify, and unclear situations will shift to the home and family sphere. You might delve into childhood memories that are challenging to process. Misunderstandings within your family may create a tense atmosphere.


The coming weeks will demand a careful approach to your finances as Mercury influences your financial stability. The retrograde cycle starts in the area of your finances, material possessions, and your sense of security. It's a time for self-assessment and correcting any unhealthy financial habits tied to your self-worth.

You may find that you use money as a means to strengthen your confidence. This retrograde period is an ideal time to reassess and correct any unhealthy financial habits linked to your self-esteem. In the latter part of Mercury's retrograde, avoid making any significant or impulsive decisions regarding your appearance, as there might be a distorted perception of your identity.


Mercury's retrograde will deeply impact you. The phase begins in your first house of self, bringing typical challenges of setbacks, inconveniences, and disturbances. This may affect how you perceive your identity and personal beliefs. During this period, try to avoid excessive analysis of who you are, as too many questions may lead to more uncertainty than clarity.

It's a time to show flexibility and allow yourself the freedom to explore different facets of your personality. Not every aspect of your life requires a rigid, long-term plan. In the latter part of the period, the intensity will start to wane, but don't expect a return to complete ease. A period of deep self-analysis awaits you.