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Mercury in Capricorn: exciting news ahead for these zodiac signs

Mercury in Capricorn: exciting news ahead for these zodiac signs What to expect from Mercury in Capricorn (photo:

Mercury, set to enter Capricorn again on January 13 and stay in this sign until February 5, brings fantastic news for representatives of three zodiac signs. They will receive gifts and be able to savor their happiness. Collective World informs, that the transit Mercury aims to give a chance to those who experienced setbacks during its "retrograde" in December 2023.


Mercury in Capricorn will boost your energy. You'll find confidence in yourself and aspire to interact with society, not just as a part of it but as a leadership link. Inspiration will undoubtedly strike; don't shy away from your muse.

This planetary transit will gift you with plenty of good ideas, especially favoring those involved in creative pursuits for a living. Expect positive news and realize that success is no longer just a dream but your reality.


The Mercury period in Capricorn is crucial for you. You can take control of your life and start managing not only your time and finances but also your energy expenditure wisely. Consider what consumes a lot of your energy without yielding results and explore new avenues. When you give free rein to your interests, fascinating people with great news will cross your path.


Thanks to Mercury in Scorpio, you'll realize you're ready to work in a team. Start collaborating with people and don't shy away from compromises. You'll not only discover something new but also find answers to intriguing questions.

Be prepared to easily uncover others' secrets, and not everyone may appreciate it. Nevertheless, it's unlikely to hinder you from seeing things through. An incredible surprise awaits you in the end.