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Marching with President: Procession in support of EU accession held in Tbilisi

Marching with President: Procession in support of EU accession held in Tbilisi A march in support of EU accession takes place in Georgia (photo:

Today, on December 9, the Georgian capital Tbilisi is hosting a march under the slogan "Our Voice to the European Union." President Salome Zurabishvili also joined the march, reports Georgian First Channel.

According to the media source, the march started from the First Republic Square, after which the participants headed to Europe Square, where they planned to unfurl the largest flag of the European Union.

The organizers note that each star depicted on the record flag was made in different regions of Georgia, which expresses the aspirations of the entire society for European integration. Representatives of political parties are participating in the march, which was organized on the initiative of civil society.

A march is held in the capital of Georgia (photo: First Channel)

According to the media, Zurabishvili said that Europe is a space where people's free opinion is of great importance.

"So many people came, and so many people made their voices heard in Europe. Europe is the space where people matter most, where their free opinion matters most. I very much hope that this free opinion will be taken into account and we will be able to celebrate once again after December 15, and then prepare for the next year, which will be no less important," the President said.

Georgia's accession to the EU

Last month, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili said that she believed that Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova would become EU members at the same time.

Shortly before that, the European Commission released a report on the progress of Ukraine and several other countries on their way to joining the European Union.

In the report, the agency recommended starting negotiations on the accession of Ukraine and Moldova. Concerning Georgia, it was stated that the country would be granted candidate status "on the understanding" that Tbilisi would fulfill the conditions.