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Main signs that indicate tire damage

Main signs that indicate tire damage Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Automobile tires can signal the need for replacement or repair, and ignoring certain signs could lead to your vehicle being involved in a road traffic accident due to loss of traction, according to the Motor Trend and Consumer Reports.


Minor or excessive air pressure in tires initiates the formation of bulges.

This term refers to damage to the inner layers on the sidewall after an impact, which appears after some time of using the vehicle.

Sometimes a long crack may appear, indicating low tire pressure.

Spotted tread

If you make emergency maneuvers in your vehicle, the tread may wear unevenly, resulting in what are known as spots.

This inconvenience occurs when the vehicle's brakes are not equipped with an anti-lock braking system. Tires may also develop spots if the car brakes intensely with locked wheels or if it sharply skids. Sometimes bald spots appear if the vehicle remains stationary in one place for too long.

Low tire pressure

If you frequently inflate your tires, it may indicate a puncture or damage. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the tire immediately. Vulcanization or tire mounting can help fix the problem.

Vibration while driving

Vibration felt in the steering wheel or body of the car may be a sign of tire damage. Therefore, it is worth not ignoring this issue and consulting a mechanic as soon as possible.


Dents on the tire mostly indicate wear on the vehicle's suspension. It is advisable to check the car's suspension as soon as possible, as such defects result from spontaneous and excessive wheel loading.

Can tire service damage tires

Due to ignorance or irresponsibility, tire service staff may damage decorative hubcaps or covers.

The main problem with inexperienced mechanics is stripped threads of wheel stud or - what's even worse - hubs or drums. Many believe that the tighter the bolts and nuts are tightened, the better.

However, overtightened wheel fastening is not just stripped threads, but also incorrect operation of the wheel brake mechanism.