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Magnetic storm of red level to hit Earth - Date announced

Magnetic storm of red level to hit Earth - Date announced Earth is expected to experience a powerful magnetic storm (collage: Styler)

Scientists are detecting powerful solar flares, and experts predict red-level magnetic storms in the coming days. Such storms can affect human well-being, causing worsened health conditions, and disrupting the operation of electrical equipment. When the magnetic storm reaches its peak, according to data from the Meteoagent website.

What is a magnetic storm

Solar flares are powerful bursts of energy emanating from the Sun. The Sun's magnetic field lines become stressed and break, resulting in intense eruptions.

Internal reactions within the Sun, such as the ejection of solar mass and surface flares, release energy away from the Sun in all directions, including towards Earth, causing solar or magnetic storms. When these ejections encounter Earth's magnetosphere, they trigger geomagnetic activity.

The ejections consist of energy from charged particles (protons and electrons) moving at very high speeds through space. When these particles reach Earth, they interact with the planet's magnetic field and atmosphere, leading to various effects.

During severe magnetic storms, phenomena like the auroras, also known as the Northern and Southern Lights, can be observed. Additionally, these flares can affect radio communication, and disrupt GPS, satellites, and power grids.

When a magnetic storm begin

According to data from satellite systems such as NOAA, TESIS, and various international meteorological laboratories worldwide, a powerful magnetic storm will impact Earth on September 21 and 22.

On September 21, it will reach a K-index of 6, and on September 22, it will reach a K-index of 7. This corresponds to indicators of a red-level storm.

On September 23, the activity will begin to diminish but will still be at a K-index of 4, which corresponds to moderate magnetic storm levels.

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On September 22, Earth will experience a severe magnetic storm (screenshot)

How does a magnetic storm affect humans?

Scientists have conducted numerous studies confirming the relationship between magnetic storms and human well-being.

The greatest danger of storms is for astronauts who are beyond Earth's protective atmosphere. There is a risk of high levels of radiation exposure, which can significantly increase the likelihood of cancer.

While scientists do not have a consensus on the impact of magnetic storms on human well-being, it is on such days that people more often complain of headaches, overall deterioration of health, fatigue, reduced concentration, and psychological issues. Additionally, during magnetic storms, there is an increase in visits to healthcare professionals, including cardiologists.

General recommendations from doctors on such days:

  • Get a full night's sleep - no less than 7-9 hours per day

  • Maintain a regular daily routine

  • Ensure proper nutrition and hydration

  • Take walks in the fresh air and reduce physical and emotional stress.

  • If you experience poor health or exacerbation of chronic conditions, rest more and consult your doctor as needed.