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Latvia arrests Russian citizen spying on military objects

Latvia arrests Russian citizen spying on military objects In Latvia, a Russian national was detained (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Latvian law enforcement authorities detained a Russian citizen last month. He is suspected of surveilling military objects and transferring sensitive information, according to an announcement by the Latvian Security Service.

A criminal case against the Russian citizen was initiated on December 18 for the illegal collection and transmission of classified information to a foreign intelligence service.

"Information obtained during the investigation indicates that the Russian citizen gathered and transmitted information about critical infrastructure and military objects in Latvia to the Russian special services," the statement reads.

According to the Latvian Security Service, the man provided various types of support to Russian special services directed against Latvia.

Criminal procedural actions were carried out at five objects related to the suspect. A significant amount of documents and data storage devices were seized during searches. The suspect has been detained as a precautionary measure.

Russian spies in European countries

As previously reported, in Poland, 14 citizens from Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia were found guilty of being part of a spy network preparing diversions in favor of Moscow.

Additionally, the Norwegian police apprehended a Russian spy working under a false identity at a university in Tromsø. Investigators found that the suspect had forged documents in the name of a Brazilian citizen while actually being an agent of Russian intelligence.