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Kim Jong Un orders military to step up preparations for war: Dictator's danger unveiled

Kim Jong Un orders military to step up preparations for war: Dictator's danger unveiled North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (Photo:

Dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered North Korea's military to intensify preparations for a possible war, according to the state news agency KCNA.

He visited a parade of a tank division whose soldiers, "unwaveringly faithful and absolutely obedient to the orders of the Party Central Committee, are ready to pave the way for victory on future battlefields."

War preparedness

Bloomberg notes that Kim Jong Un has demonstrated new signs that he is preparing for war, stating that the time for peaceful reunification with South Korea has passed, and he has the right to destroy his neighbor.

To reinforce his threats, Kim is bolstering his strike capabilities by conducting rapid tests of his advanced ballistic missiles, making them larger, deadlier, and more capable of striking the US and its Asian allies.

What Kim is working on

North Korea is working on a range of ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads to strike US allies South Korea and Japan, longer-range missiles capable of hitting US bases in Guam, and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) intended to deliver a nuclear strike on New York or Washington.

Kim has also modernized his missile arsenal, abandoning Soviet-era Scud variants, which were the mainstay, in favor of missiles that rely heavily on domestic technology and can be launched despite sanctions. He also aims to miniaturize warheads for regional strikes and increase the power of ICBM warheads.

Kim has unveiled new solid-fuel ballistic missiles that are easier to transport, conceal, and launch than many liquid-fuel versions. Since May 2019, he has conducted over 150 launches. Among the most potent are intercontinental ballistic missiles successfully tested three times in 2023, which can be stored in protected underground shafts or rolled out on a transporter for rapid firing. Most of the new missiles are KN-23 missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons that can strike all of South Korea - and US forces stationed there - within minutes.

Kim has also sent missiles to Russia to help President Vladimir Putin in his attack on Ukraine. This marks the first time missiles have undergone combat testing, which could provide Kim with the targeting data necessary to make them more capable of evading interception.

Putin met with Kim in September 2023 and promised to assist North Korea in its space program. Kim wants to launch three spy satellites in 2024 to help him monitor US forces in the region and refine the target list.

The priorities for 2024, it seems, include enhancing his ability to strike US military bases in Japan and Guam with medium-range ballistic missiles that deploy a warhead capable of maneuvering at high speeds to evade interceptors en route to the target.