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Johnson confirms US Congress plans to consider aid to Israel

Johnson confirms US Congress plans to consider aid to Israel Mike Johnson, Speaker of the US House of Representatives (photo: Getty Images)

US House Speaker Mike Johnson has confirmed plans to consider this week the issue of funding aid to Israel. It was decided to consider this issue after Iran's attack on Israel.

"Republicans in the House and the Republican Party understand the need to support Israel. We're going to try again this week, and the details of this package are coming together now. We are looking at options and all these additional issues," Speaker Johnson said.

As it is known, the US House of Representatives is awaiting consideration of a joint bill to fund assistance to Israel, Ukraine and other US partners. However, Speaker Johnson has long refused to put it to a vote. It is unclear what kind of document on Israel the House of Representatives plans to consider.

Iran's attack on Israel

On the night of April 14, Iran attacked Israel with hundreds of attack drones and missiles. Almost all air targets were shot down. The US and British forces assisted Israel in intercepting Iranian drones and missiles. Read more about Iran's attack on Israel in RBC-Ukraine's article.

After that, the US media reported on plans by the US House of Representatives to consider a bill to support Israel. It was not ruled out that this could be the same bill that also provides for $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine.