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January 2024 haircut calendar: Days to skip at the salon

January 2024 haircut calendar: Days to skip at the salon Monthly calendar of haircuts for January 2024 (photo: Freepik)

The monthly haircut calendar for January 2024 will help you identify favorable dates for all hair procedures. RBC-Ukraine publishes a haircut calendar based on the moon phases for January 2024.

Phases of the moon in January 2024

New moon: January 11 at 13:57

Full moon: January 25 at 19:54

Waxing moon: January 12-24

Waning moon: January 1-10 and 26-31

No lunar or solar eclipses are forecasted in January 2024.

Optimal days to go to the hair salon

Most favorable days for a haircut: January 2, 10, 19, 28.

Favorable days for hair cutting: January 1-3, 10, 19, 28, 30, 31.

Haircut for rapid hair growth: January 13, 15-17, 19, 21-23.

Dramatic image change: January 12, 13, 20-22.

Favorable days for hair coloring: January 18-22.

Favorable days for hair perming: January 1, 2, 18-20, 28, 29.

Unfavorable days to go to the hair salon

According to the monthly calendar, January 6 is not suitable for cutting, coloring, laminating, or any other procedures. During this period, the hair will be somewhat weakened, and manipulations performed on it could be harmful.

The following day, January 7, is also not ideal for cutting hair or changing hairstyles. You may be dissatisfied with the results.

On January 14, any hair care may leave the scalp dry and vulnerable, so it's better to postpone such procedures.

By January 26, hair growth slows down, and a haircut may lead to health issues.