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Israel to conclude intensive war phase in southern Gaza soon, MoD says

Israel to conclude intensive war phase in southern Gaza soon, MoD says Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Israel plans to conclude the intensive phase of the offensive in the southern part of the Gaza Strip soon. The destruction of Hamas militants continues, announces Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

"In the south of the Gaza Strip (the intensive phase - Ed.) will end soon," he says, commenting on the clashes in the area of Khan Younis.

He also has added that in the south of the Gaza Strip, Israeli military forces are focused on eliminating the leadership of Hamas.

"As part of this action… the Khan Younis Brigade is gradually disintegrating as a fighting force," the official clarifies.

According to him, Israel has also successfully gained control of the roads leading to the city of Rafah.

The minister believes that "political indecision may harm the progress of the military operation."

"The future government in Gaza must grow from the Gaza Strip, Gaza will be ruled by Palestinians. The end of the military campaign must be anchored in a political act," he says.

Israel's war with Hamas

In early October of last year, Hamas militants invaded Israeli territory. They killed and abducted both military and civilian residents.

In response, Israel launched an operation against the militants. As part of it, a ground offensive by the country's defense forces is currently underway.

Israel has successfully taken control of the northern part of the Gaza Strip, including the largest city in the Palestinian enclave - Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already stated that his country is on the path to victory in the war.