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Israel introduces 'tactical pauses' in Gaza Strip offensive

Israel introduces 'tactical pauses' in Gaza Strip offensive Photo: Israel announced the introduction of "tactical pauses" in hostilities (Getty Images)

The Israeli army has announced "tactical pauses" in military operations in the Gaza Strip. This is necessary to facilitate humanitarian aid, reports IDF.

From June 15, daily pauses will be implemented in operations in the southern Gaza Strip. These pauses will last eight hours from 8:00 to 19:00 along the road leading from the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing.

Israeli military officials explained that this step is taken to facilitate humanitarian aid delivery.

IDF (Israel Defense Forces) referred to these actions as a "local, tactical pause of military activity" for humanitarian purposes, a decision made after additional discussions with the UN and international organizations.

What's happening in the Middle East

Recall that in October 2023, Hamas militants launched an attack on Israel, occupying several populated areas and taking dozens of civilians and military personnel hostage.

In response, Israel initiated a ground operation. The IDF not only reclaimed its territory but also commenced military actions in the Gaza Strip. The operation continues.

Global leaders urge Israel to cease military operations in Gaza; however, Tel Aviv remains opposed. Recently, the IDF targeted a Hamas compound located inside a school in the central part of the Gaza Strip.