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Hungary may lose its voting rights in European Union

Hungary may lose its voting rights in European Union Hungary could face a vote of no confidence procedure (photo: Getty Images)

Belgium has called on the governments of EU member states to deprive Hungary of its voting rights in the European Union, reports DW.

Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib has made a statement calling for the application of the procedure of expressing distrust towards Hungary under Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union.

"We have Europe, which is moving forward with difficulty, and unfortunately, some countries, including one country, are increasingly taking a blocking and veto position. I think we should have the courage to make decisions: to go to the end of Article 7, to activate Article 7 to the end - which involves the suspension of the veto right," Lahbib said.

She also added that it is a moment of truth for Europe. According to her, EU countries must reform mechanisms if they are not working.

"This is a moment of truth. Either we fulfill our duties, which requires political courage and willpower. Or we implement mechanisms that do not work. And so we have to choose. If we go to the end with this mechanism, it must work. If it does not work, we have to reform it. This is the future of the EU," the minister said.

Hungary has not yet decided whether it will participate in the World Summit in Switzerland. There are two reasons: the country does not consider the war in Ukraine its own, and Budapest is concerned about the absence of both sides at the peace conference.

It was earlier reported that Russia had intensified its information operations against the European Union ahead of the European Parliament elections.