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How to quiet inner critic: Reasons for its appearance and its impact on our lives

How to quiet inner critic: Reasons for its appearance and its impact on our lives How to stop criticizing yourself (photo: Freepik)

Criticizing ourselves and our actions has become the norm for many people, but it is this process that spoils our lives and self-esteem.

How to stop criticizing yourself

A person cannot be perfect and constantly makes mistakes, but we all live for the first time and are influenced by a million factors from the outside every day, especially in the last 2 years.

People often say the following about themselves:

  • "I'm a terrible person"
  • "It looks like I'm just successfully deceiving everyone, but in reality I'm not that smart"
  • "I am a loser, so I failed again"
  • "I am a lazy person and will never succeed"
  • "No one will ever love a person like me."

These phrases are even hard to read. The voice in your head that says them sounds unexpectedly confident. In moments of despair, it is very easy to believe that all these harsh words and self-recriminations are true.

How to quiet inner critic: Reasons for its appearance and its impact on our livesHow to stop criticizing yourself (photo: Freepik)

It always keeps an eye on what we do

The inner critic actually has a rather noble goal: he makes sure that our self-esteem is balanced. But if it gets too much power, it becomes an enemy instead of an assistant.

Internal criticism helps us achieve our goals and exceed our expectations, but if it becomes too much, it demotivates and paralyzes us. It is difficult to remain a creative and stubborn person if you have someone standing behind you who humiliates you for every action.

He can speak in the words of our close ones

Listen: whose voice is it that says you are worse than others? Maybe it's your grandmother who was always comparing you to your classmates? Or a father who did not know how to praise and say warm words?

We may think that the inner critic is right because he repeats what we have already heard from important people in our lives. But there is no truth in this cruelty.

The inner critic is not a friend

Criticism can take many forms, and the critic himself is very skillful in selecting insults and negative assessments. But these images do not stand up to reality. Each of us can do stupid or evil things, but we don't become fools or thieves because of them.

So the next time you hear a voice in your head saying: "You are worse than others," imagine what you would say to a stranger who insults your friend with such words.

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