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How to quickly regrow over-plucked eyebrows

How to quickly regrow over-plucked eyebrows What methods can help to grow eyebrows (photo: Freepik)

It can happen that an unqualified technician may overpluck your eyebrows. Such an inconvenience can happen to anyone, but it's not the end of the world. There are ways to help your desired eyebrow shape grow back quickly, according to the Real Simple website.

Stop plucking

If you've found that your eyebrows are sparse, it's time to put down the tweezers and step away from the mirror. You'll need to give your eyebrows time to fully grow back before you start plucking again.

There may be a temptation to pluck stray hairs, but remember your ultimate goal for motivation: to restore full, beautiful eyebrows.

It's necessary not to pluck your eyebrows for three to four months for full regrowth. It's a lengthy process, but it's worth the wait.

Avoid products that inhibit hair growth

When trying to regrow your eyebrows, avoid any products that could hinder hair growth. Stay away from brow products that contain alcohol or heavy waxes, which can stifle growth.

Moisturize your face and eat right

Drinking plenty of water will promote eyebrow regrowth by keeping the hair follicles moisturized and flushing toxins from the body.

Drinking water has so many benefits for your body.

Additionally, getting the necessary nutrients through healthy eating will help your eyebrows grow back faster. Vitamins A, B6, C, and E are crucial for stimulating hair growth.

By consuming foods rich in these vitamins as part of a balanced diet, you can improve the speed of hair growth.

Cover eyebrow hair with concealer

When you've over-plucked your eyebrows, the new hairs may not look very flattering. To resist the urge to tweeze, consider using concealer.

Choose a concealer that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone. This will brighten and draw attention to your eyes. Be sure to blend the concealer well to avoid accidentally highlighting the hairs you're trying to hide.

Moisturize your brows with oils

Eyebrow growth doesn't happen overnight, but there are ways to speed up this process. The key to continuous eyebrow growth lies in moisturizing and using oils every night.

By keeping the skin under your eyebrows moisturized, you prevent hair loss and promote thick hair growth.

How often should you pluck your eyebrows

Pluck your eyebrows once a month. This will help you see which hairs are outside your shape to prevent over-plucking and uneven growth.

If you don't notice regrowth within four months, consider seeing a dermatologist. Your eyebrows may not be growing back due to damage to the hair follicles, which can inhibit eyebrow growth over time.