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How to freeze sauerkraut: Experts' advice

How to freeze sauerkraut: Experts' advice Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

You can make sauerkraut any time of the year. And if you want to make a lot and keep it for a longer time, freezing would be an option. The benefits and flavors of sauerkraut remain unaltered when frozen, according to Real Simple.

Can sauerkraut be frozen?

Technically, sauerkraut can be frozen, but there are reasons to avoid deep freezing if possible.

Most notably, freezing can destroy the live bacteria and yeast present in sauerkraut (also known as probiotics). This could make sauerkraut less beneficial for gut health and immunity.

It may also affect its texture and flavor.

How to freeze sauerkraut

If you've decided to freeze sauerkraut, place it in a bag and squeeze out as much air as possible. It can be stored this way for up to a month.

Use frozen sauerkraut as soon as possible to minimize the risk of flavor and texture loss during freezing.

Sauerkraut can be frozen immediately after preparation. It should be divided into airtight bags or containers.

Thawing cabbage should be done correctly, too. Specifically, remove a portion of cabbage for 6-8 hours and transfer it to the refrigerator. For the first 3-4 hours after thawing, the cabbage retains its crispness, but it may later become soft.

Benefits of sauerkraut

The benefit of sauerkraut for the liver primarily lies in maintaining the body's water-salt balance at a level that reduces the harmful effects of alcohol. Vitamin C, abundant in this vegetable, and beneficial bacteria for the digestive system save the body from intoxication by harmful substances.

It also promotes iron absorption. Bacteria found in sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables improve iron absorption by increasing its bioavailability.

Additionally, vitamin C, plentiful in sauerkraut, participates in the production of leukocytes, stimulates cell regeneration, and collagen formation, necessary for the elasticity of the skin and many other tissues.