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How to choose safe cookies for child

How to choose safe cookies for child How to choose safe cookies for children (photo: Freepik)

In the store, you can find a lot of cookies for children. However, it is worth knowing whether it is healthy for children and what should not be in the composition, according to nutritionist Liudmyla Matishenets.

How to choose children's cookies

According to the expert, choosing healthy children's cookies is very difficult.

"I looked through a bunch of cookies and, unfortunately, did not find any with a great composition," the report said.

The nutritionist explained that every cookie contains sugar, which the WHO and other global food and medical organizations do not recommend for children under 2 years old.

It is important, before buying something for a small child, to read the composition. Specifically, the composition, not the front of the package with inscriptions like Sugar-Free, Calcium, or For children from 5 months.

Often, the composition turns out to be not quite beneficial for children, as sugar can be hidden under other names. For example, a manufacturer may add sugar in the form of apple juice, which belongs to the category of added sugars.

Added sugars have different names, such as high-fructose corn syrup, fruit juice concentrates, cane sugar, corn sweetener, lactose, glucose, sucrose, and maple syrup.

Therefore, the nutritionist advises always checking the list of ingredients.

In childhood, both the body and eating habits are formed, so it is worth being careful about what you buy.

What not to feed a child aged 1-3 years

Children under strict ban include fried, smoked, and salty foods. Up to the age of three, meat and fish broths, mushrooms, sausages, and similar products should not be given. Children under six are not given various marinades because they contain vinegar and spices.

Honey can cause allergic reactions, so it is also excluded from the menu. Children should not be fed chocolate, cakes with various creams, store-bought cheese desserts, or seafood.