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How long can sushi stay safe in the fridge?

How long can sushi stay safe in the fridge? Sushi should not be stored for a long time (photo: Freepik)

The appetizing dishes of Japanese cuisine - sushi and rolls - are undoubtedly popular in Ukraine. They are not only eaten in restaurants but also ordered to go - and sometimes it's hard to eat everything at once. However, it's not recommended to store the dish for too long.

RBC-Ukraine tells how long it takes to store sushi and how to do it correctly.

Sources used in material preparation: Healthline, School of Sushi, Smaki-maki, ROCO sushi.

How long can sushi be stored

The safest option is to eat ordered sushi immediately. But if the set turns out to be too large and the thought arises to finish the dish in a few hours or even days, remember that sushi is not a dish that can be stored for a long time.

First and foremost, most types of sushi use raw ingredients without preservatives to maintain taste and freshness. Therefore, when buying ready-made sushi at the store, pay attention to the date and time of preparation.

It's worth noting that the storage period also depends on the composition of the sushi and rolls, the cooking method, and the temperature regime of the refrigerator.

Although the main ingredient of sushi is fish and rice, the list of ingredients also includes vegetables, such as cucumber, and fruits, such as avocado. Each ingredient has its own storage period and recommended temperature.

The storage period of sushi according to ingredients:

  • sushi with caviar - no longer than 12 hours;
  • sushi with meat and fish - no longer than 18 hours;
  • sushi with smoked products - no longer than 24 hours;
  • sushi with vegetables - no longer than 48 hours.

Baked rolls can be consumed within 24 hours. However, at room temperature, any sushi should be eaten within 4 hours. Additionally, keeping Japanese cuisine at room temperature reduces its possible storage time in the refrigerator.

As for rolls and sushi already covered in sauce, it is not recommended to store them at all - it is better to consume them immediately after preparation or delivery.

Signs of spoiled sushi

If rolls and sushi are stored for too long, they begin to spoil, and consuming such food can lead to serious food poisoning.

Among the signs of spoilage:

  • products become pale or, conversely, darken;
  • vegetables or fish become sticky or firm, with a crust;
  • rice or seaweed dries out or becomes stiff;
  • the smell of fish intensifies or a new smell appears.

How to properly store sushi in the refrigerator

  • Sushi should be stored in a tightly closed food container or on a tray, always wrapped in plastic wrap. However, using plastic wrap at room temperature is not recommended as it accelerates the growth of microorganisms.
  • The refrigerator temperature should be between 2-5 degrees Celsius.
  • Baked rolls should be stored separately from raw ones - also in a container or with plastic wrap.
  • In addition, rolls or sushi should not be stored in the freezer - this will lead to the growth of bacteria in the dish.