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Hezbollah militants launched rockets at northern Israel, igniting fire

Hezbollah militants launched rockets at northern Israel, igniting fire Terrorists from the Hezbollah group once again shelled Israel (photo: Getty Images)

Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists launched rockets at the communities of Bar’am and Yir’on in northern Israel, causing a large-scale fire at the impact sites, according to The Times of Israel.

"Following rocket fire from Lebanon, a fire broke out near Kibbutz Yaraon in the Upper Galilee and threatens to reach homes," the statement said.

The Fire and Rescue Service reports that four teams are working at the scene, and there is no threat to nearby communities.

Shelling by Hezbollah terrorists

The invasion of Hamas terrorists into the Gaza Strip last October and the subsequent military operation by Israel mobilized all radical Islamic movements in Middle Eastern countries supported by Iran.

Since then, terrorists from the radical Islamic movement Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, have regularly shelled northern Israel, prompting retaliatory strikes by the IDF.

In recent days, the confrontation between Israel and Lebanon has significantly escalated.

On June 11, the IDF launched airstrikes on several Hezbollah targets in the Baalbek and Aitaroun areas of Lebanon, which the Israelis explained as a response to the downing of their drone over Lebanon on June 10.

On June 13, Hezbollah terrorists fired over 100 rockets and several drones into Israel, with about 40 rockets targeting the Golan Heights and Galilee. Israel responded with strikes on terrorist infrastructure in Deir Seryan in southern Lebanon.

In light of the situation, the US is concerned about the risk of a full-scale war on the Israel-Lebanon border.