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Healthy alternatives to replace fatty foods with - Dietitian's advice

Healthy alternatives to replace fatty foods with - Dietitian's advice Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Even those who usually abstain from fatty or unhealthy foods tend to overeat during the holiday season. To avoid harming one's health and body, coach Yurii Popko recommends trying to replace fatty foods with healthier alternatives.

Healthy alternatives to fatty foods

"I suggest ways to reduce the calorie content of your diet so that it is as inconspicuous and 'painless' as possible. There's no need to break yourself from the first day and radically change habits because the body will resist, and your changes will end right there," says the coach.

Below is a list of useful alternatives that can replace fatty products, according to Popko.

Replace mayonnaise and sour cream with low-fat yogurt. The calorie content of the first two products is 200/600 kcal per 100 grams, while yogurt is only 50-100 kcal.

Replace ketchup with tomato paste or fresh tomatoes. Ketchup contains approximately 4 tablespoons of sugar per 100 grams. Most people already exceed the daily sugar norm at least threefold.

Replace sweet yogurt with fillers with classic plain yogurt. Sweet yogurt contains 2 tablespoons of sugar per 100 grams.

Replace 2.5-3.2% fat milk with 1% fat milk.

Replace white bread with dietary bread or rye and whole grain bread. This will reduce the amount of sugar in the diet and add more fiber, minerals, and vitamins to the body.

Replace regular salt with iodized or sea salt.

Replace 82.5% fat butter with 75% fat butter or cream cheese. In the latter case, you will reduce the calorie content threefold. You can spread avocado on bread instead of butter.

Buy an oil dispenser in the form of a spray. This will prevent adding too much dressing to salads or other dishes, reducing the calorie content accordingly.

Replace candies and cakes with berries and fruits. This will not only reduce calorie intake but also add vitamins and fiber to the diet.

Replace expensive moldy cheeses with 5% fat cottage cheese. This way you'll get maximum protein and minimum calories.

Replace sausages, hot dogs, and semi-finished products with fresh meat. This will be much healthier, more protein, less fat, and even more cost-effective.

Replace white rice with unpolished brown rice, and quick-cooking pasta with Italian pasta made from hard varieties. Also, reduce the use of oil in the diet - prefer boiled or baked dishes over fried ones.

Replace pork with veal, beef, or chicken.

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