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Google makes changes to Gmail which many may not like

Google makes changes to Gmail which many may not like Illustrative photo (Unsplash)
Author: Maria Kholina

A new clause has surfaced in Gmail's email policies, with the service now employing additional measures to combat spammers and regular users who fail to adhere to certain rules, citing Google's help center.

Reason for the restriction

Google has decided to restrict access to its mail servers for users who send more than 5,000 emails to domain addresses.

The new rule requires each email to contain an unsubscribe link. Otherwise, Google may temporarily block the account, and upon review, permanently delete it.

This email filter will be gradually implemented, with checks for the mandatory unsubscribe link. After the changes are fully rolled out, temporary and permanent account blocks will begin for rule violations.

Ideally, email senders should obtain consent from each recipient to receive their emails and, at Google's request, provide evidence that their emails are not unsolicited. The key is to ensure that recipients do not complain to Gmail that everything is happening against their will.

These changes primarily affect large users of the Google Workspace service, designed for interaction with organizations and entrepreneurs. Making email rules more strict may lead to a reduction in spam.