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Germany approves arms exports to Ukraine

Germany approves arms exports to Ukraine Germany approves arms exports to Ukraine (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Ukraine to receive 74% of Germany's allocated funds and remains the primary recipient of German arms exports, according to the German Ministry of Finance.

According to preliminary data, permits for the final export of arms worth around 5.2 billion euros were issued in the first quarter of 2024. Of this amount, 3.85 billion euros were allocated for military weapons and 1.4 billion euros for other types of arms. Ukraine emerged as the main recipient country, with exports approved totaling around 3.8 billion euros.

"Ukraine continues to account for 74% of the total allocation value for the first quarter of 2024, maintaining its status as the primary recipient of German arms exports," said State Secretary Sven Giegold.

The State Secretary also expressed Germany's support for Ukraine.

"These figures reflect Germany's continuous and far-reaching support for Ukraine in its self-defense against Russian aggressive warfare, which contravenes international law," Giegold said.

Germany's assistance to Ukraine

Germany is aiding Ukraine not only financially but also with equipment. The country has provided Leopard tanks, IRIS-T and Patriot air defense systems, vehicles, drones, and artillery.

Earlier reports indicated Germany's intention to send another Patriot system to Ukraine.

Additionally, there have been reports of Germany proposing annual assistance to Ukraine amounting to 5 billion euros.