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Georgia's integration process into EU stands effectively suspended

Georgia's integration process into EU stands effectively suspended Illustrative photo (photo: Getty Images)

European Union leaders stated that Georgia's refusal to halt repression against civil society has led to the effective cessation of its efforts to join the bloc, according to Bloomberg.

"The European Council calls on Georgia’s authorities to clarify their intentions by reversing the current course of action which jeopardizes Georgia’s EU path, de facto leading to a halt of the accession process," leaders stated in the conclusions of the summit in Brussels.

The EU, which granted Georgia candidate status in December, had previously warned that the adoption of the foreign agents law would jeopardize the Caucasian republic's chances of starting accession talks with the bloc.

The EU is preparing sanctions against Georgia, including cuts in financial assistance and visa restrictions, due to the adopted law on foreign agents.

Russia's emulation

Recently, Georgia adopted a law on foreign influence, strikingly similar to Russia's foreign agents law. This sparked weeks of mass protests and widespread criticism as a threat to democratic freedoms and Georgia's chances of joining the European Union.

In early June, Georgia's ruling party, Georgian Dream, introduced a draft law that restricts the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The proposals from Georgian Dream can be compared to laws in effect in Russia. Over the past decade, Russian authorities have also banned public approval of non-traditional sexual relations, gender-confirming care, and gender change in official documents.