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From war criminals to teachers: Russia offers 'retraining' to its soldiers

From war criminals to teachers: Russia offers 'retraining' to its soldiers Russia is actively encouraging its military to become teachers (photo: Getty Images)

In several regions of the Russian Federation, pedagogical higher education institutions have already introduced retraining programs for Russian citizens who participated in the war with Ukraine, reports the Center for National Resistance.

The Kremlin is actively campaigning for military personnel who, for health reasons or other reasons, can no longer participate in the war to become teachers.

There are no restrictions on future teachers; they can be members of any formation, including PMCs.

It also does not matter what the primary education of future "teachers" was. After completing the training, they will be eligible to become a school teacher.

"In particular, the Russian military, who will soon complete their retraining as teachers under the program of the Russian Ministry of Education, will become teachers of history, physical education, and life safety. Separately, they will conduct activities as part of initial military training," the Center said.

According to the center, such teachers are recommended to conduct lessons in military uniforms and demonstrate military equipment and ammunition in schools.

It is also emphasized that by personal example, they should conduct national and patriotic education of young people and agitate them to link their future with the security forces.

In connection with the upcoming "presidential elections" in Russia, they should also indirectly campaign in the interests of the ruling United Russia party and Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, journalists found propaganda textbooks and materials with Russian symbols in four Kherson schools, which were brought by the occupiers in 2022.