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Flight attendant reveals why he'll never order coffee on plane

Flight attendant reveals why he'll never order coffee on plane Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

An airline crew member revealed why they never order coffee during flights. After learning the reason, you might think twice before doing it too, reports the British tabloid Metro.

Why you shouldn't drink coffee on airplanes
Flight attendant Kevin reveals that the water reservoirs used to brew coffee are rarely cleaned. However, that's not the most unpleasant reason.

He explains that to clean the coffee maker, flight attendants have to dump its contents into the toilet, standing very close to it. In such a scenario, certain microbes or bacteria might find their way back into the coffee maker.

If you're flying business class, this issue typically doesn't arise, as there is a dedicated coffee machine.

Kevin also warns airplane passengers that the pockets on the back of seats are not always thoroughly cleaned. It's worth considering when organizing your hygiene during the flight.

According to Kevin, he has found used diapers, tissues, hair, and various wrappers jammed in the gaps of those pockets.

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