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Fintess trainer replies if you should give up dairy when losing weight

Fintess trainer replies if you should give up dairy when losing weight Impact of dairy products on dody shape (Photo: Freepik)

One of the trends in nutrition suggests giving up dairy products to be healthier. Similar advice is sometimes heard from nutritionists as well. However, do dairy products harm health and the weight loss process? Fitness trainer Viktor Mandziak answers this question in his post on Facebook.

Impact of dairy products on figure

In 1971, scientists conducted an interesting experiment. For eight weeks, they provided participants with a supplement of two grams of calcium to determine whether calcium has an impact on the lipid profile of the blood.

Weight loss was not the goal of this experiment, but participants lost about half a kilogram of body weight. Why?

Modern scientists analyzed the experimental data and concluded that increasing calcium intake by 1,241 mg per day through dairy products leads to the elimination of an additional five grams of fat from the body.

In other words, milk, kefir, cheese, and sour-milk cheese are not only tasty, protein-rich products but also accessible tools for weight loss.

Role of calcium in body

It is known that dairy products are quite rich in calcium. Calcium, in turn, forms insoluble soaps with fatty acids, preventing their absorption.

In the liver, cholesterol is transformed into bile acids, which either go to the gallbladder or further along the gastrointestinal tract. There, it participates in the breakdown of fat. The process is repeated in a cycle.

Calcium plays a crucial role in this. It "binds" bile acids, hindering the breakdown of fats and "compels" the liver to produce more new bile acids from cholesterol. Thus, the cholesterol level in the blood decreases.

As a result, the conclusion is drawn: dairy products are not only beneficial for the body but also contribute to weight loss.

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