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Finnish munitions factory to increase its production output fivefold

Finnish munitions factory to increase its production output fivefold The Finnish munitions factory will increase production volumes fivefold (photo: Getty Images)

The Finnish factory of the company Nammo Lapua, which produces ammunition, will increase its production output fivefold this year due to the war in Ukraine, according to Yle.

The factory, which manufactures casings for artillery shells, is located in the city of Sastamala in the western part of the country.

Nammo (Nordic Ammunition Company) is a Norwegian-Finnish joint venture specializing in ammunition production. The company's shares are equally owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Finnish defense corporation Patria.

The increase in production at the Sastamala plant is related to the war in Ukraine, as artillery shells play a crucial role in Finnish aid to Ukraine and in replenishing the stocks of EU countries that have previously provided ammunition to Ukraine from their arsenals.

It is also reported that Nammo has applied to participate in a European Union project to increase ammunition production. If successful, the company will build a new plant for the production of artillery shells. The project will also require funding from the Finnish government.

Projectiles for Ukraine from EU countries

In March 2023, the EU defense and foreign affairs ministers approved a plan for joint procurement of ammunition. The plan aimed to provide Ukraine with 1 million artillery shells within the next 12 months, involving seven countries.

However, by November, the EU informed its members that it was unlikely to deliver the promised 1 million artillery shells to Ukraine. The plan was supposed to be executed by March 2024.

In late November, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton, citing statistical data, stated that by spring 2024, the production capacity of defense enterprises in the EU would exceed one million artillery shells. However, the transfer of ammunition to Ukraine requires a corresponding decision, which has not been made yet.

Meanwhile, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, announced on February 2 that Ukraine would receive half of the promised one million artillery shells from the European Union by March 2024.