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Financier shares anti-crisis strategy to help save money

Financier shares anti-crisis strategy to help save money Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The war has caused an extremely unpredictable situation in the financial sector in Ukraine and beyond. Therefore, to prevent people from losing their savings and even better, to increase their savings, it is worth considering an anti-crisis strategy, according to the financial expert Natalia Rudevich.

Anti-crisis strategy from a financial expert

"Not everyone has come to understandint it yet, but the main protection of money in a crisis is diversification. This involves investing in various assets. The more assets, the more chances of catching good returns. Diversification is for everyone. Suitable places for investment can be found for thousands of dollars and for a million dollars," says the expert.

She emphasizes that there are three components of guaranteed income in investments - time, discipline, and diversification. Investments should be made for the long term. It is necessary to invest gradually over an extended period.

"Discipline will come to the rescue here - regularity is important. Replenish the investment account every month, buy currency every month," explains the financial expert.

According to her, diversification is key - investing in various assets such as stocks, bonds, gold, and cryptocurrency.

"Choose different intermediaries - banks, brokers, international insurance companies, cryptocurrency exchanges. By following these three conditions, you will definitely build your capital," says Rudevich.

The financial expert adds that diversification is the most important condition for financing. It reduces risks and systematizes profits.

"If you evenly invest in various assets, the decrease in profit in one segment is compensated by the growth of profit in another," says the expert.

How to create monetary capital

"Many of us want to receive passive income. But this should be preceded by the creation of capital. Initially, when we form it, all earned interest should not be withdrawn but reinvested - left to make the capital grow faster," says the financial expert.

When there is a formed capital, it can be used to generate passive income.

"The main task here is to preserve the capital, so the risk should be minimal. Bonds with a yield of 5% per annum conditionally will be suitable. Therefore, the key idea is to start investing today - it can be small amounts but it should be done regularly," says Rudevich.