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Expert names 3 foods that 'ruin' human brain

Expert names 3 foods that 'ruin' human brain What foods have a bad effect on the brain (photo:

Janine Bowring, a naturopath from the USA, shares foods that have a bad effect on the brain. They literally "kill" healthy cells and provoke memory problems, reports the Daily Express.

What food "kills" the brain and destroys memory

According to the doctor, there are three most dangerous products. It is about:

  • perch-like fish such as swordfish

  • margarine and low-quality oil

  • French fries

The expert explained why she considers these products to be the most dangerous. All because of harmful substances that damage the brain and accelerate the development of dementia.

Butter or margarine - which is more useful? The answer of the doctors was surprising

Why margarine is harmful (photo:

Swordfish should not be eaten because it contains a lot of mercury. This substance destroys brain cells, the doctor said.

Previously, scientists had already established that in 2020 an elderly man ate such fish, and then he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and these two events were connected.

Margarine harms the brain because of trans fats, which are almost always present in it. Such substances can negatively affect not only memory and brain function but also the nervous system, causing depression.

Also, French fries, the doctor explained, are a very dangerous product because they are usually fried in vegetable or rapeseed oil, which "kills" the brain. And this affects memory, general functions and attention.

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