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Everyone should know this: Psychologists explain handling feelings of despair

Everyone should know this: Psychologists explain handling feelings of despair How to get rid of feelings of despair (photo: Freepik)

More and more Ukrainians are falling into despair due to the war. Emotionally drained individuals find it increasingly challenging each day to cope with psychological tension. If you feel unable to lift yourself out of this state independently, it is crucial to seek help from a professional. Center of psychology and development Kyiv dvoryk on Instagram, explains how to combat despair.

How to combat the feeling of despair

"Do you also feel it? As the atmosphere around becomes increasingly gloomy, positive news diminishes, and hoping for better and believing in the future becomes more challenging. This is how most Ukrainians describe their current state. We tried to understand what it is associated with and reflect on how to improve the situation," write psychologists.

They note that a bad mood is normal, and anxious thoughts in our circumstances are also part of today. However, it is essential to be attentive to your state and not postpone seeking professional help if feelings of depression or inner tension persist.

Why it seems to all of us that things have got worse

The sense of despair and fear has become widespread. What strongly influences us:

  • A large number of bad news.
  • The overall mood of friends and fellow citizens.
  • Reduced sunlight.
  • The pressure of holiday preparations.
  • Longing for how these holidays used to be before the war.

Cognitive filters

"Have you heard of catastrophizing? It's one of the biases that unconsciously appears in those prone to apathy or anxiety, or those with traumatic experiences.

This filter compels a person to view any news or situation as an inevitable catastrophe, imagining the worst scenarios, even when it comes to mundane things.

The worst fears do sometimes come true. But living in a constant sense of catastrophe deprives us of joy.

What to do in such cases

To reduce anxiety levels and avoid falling into despair, follow these rules:

  • Pay less attention to forecasts and reflections of experts, journalists, and politicians. No one knows what the future holds.
  • Track, notice, and objectively assess your catastrophic thoughts. Most of them won't stand up to reality checks.
  • Cultivate tolerance for uncertainty. No one can control everything, not even you.

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