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EU discusses creation of NATO unit in case of Trump's election victory

EU discusses creation of NATO unit in case of Trump's election victory Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

European officials discuss the creation of a NATO unit in case of Donald Trump's victory in the US elections, according to The Washington Post.

"European officials have privately discussed building a continentwide complement to NATO, one that would work in concert with U.S. security assurances, but could also serve as a credible alternative if U.S. guarantees are pulled," the WP states.

These discussions are currently mired in familiar disputes as France and Germany cannot agree on who will foot the bill.

"Eastern Europe doesn’t fully trust Western Europe’s resolve against Russian threats. And it’s not clear how they would build a nuclear shield over the continent — and even if they did, they would fall far short of matching Russia’s arsenal in the worst-case event of nuclear war," the WP writes.

Some wonder if Europe, ready for a split with the United States, would fuel a self-fulfilling prophecy, supercharging the transatlantic divorce rather than avoiding it.

Trump's threats

Recently, Trump threatened that if re-elected, he would not defend NATO allies who do not pay their bills. He also added that he would encourage Russia to attack such states.

31 NATO countries have committed to spending 2% of GDP on defense, but not all have reached this mark.

These statements prompted accusations from the White House, which called them terrible and insane, as well as from other senior Western officials.

US President Joe Biden called Trump a "useful lackey" for Putin.

More details on Trump's threats, allies' reactions, reasons for such rhetoric, and risks for Ukraine can be found in RBC-Ukraine's coverage.