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EU allocates €75 mln in humanitarian aid to Ukraine

EU allocates €75 mln in humanitarian aid to Ukraine EU allocates €75 mln in humanitarian aid to Ukraine (Getty Images)

The European Union will provide humanitarian assistance totaling 83 million euros to support people affected by the war, with the majority of the funds allocated to Ukraine, according to the European Commission's website.

"Russia's targeted attacks on Ukraine's key energy and civilian infrastructure like hospitals, schools, and power grids are seriously hampering people's access to basic services. With each new shelling, more and more Ukrainians are left homeless and in need of assistance and shelter in freezing conditions," the statement said, adding that an estimated 14.6 million people in Ukraine need humanitarian aid.

How the money will be spent

The European Commission says that out of the 83 million euros of humanitarian funding, 75 million euros will be allocated to humanitarian projects in Ukraine.

This includes providing emergency assistance, including access to basic needs such as shelter, protection services, clean water, education, and healthcare.

"At the heart of EU's humanitarian strategy in Ukraine today is protecting people affected by the war, especially those living close to the frontline areas," the EC says.

Total aid amount

With the new funding announced today, the European Commission has allocated a total of 926 million euros to humanitarian aid programs to help the civilian population affected by the war in Ukraine following the Russian invasion in February 2022.

Out of this funding, 860 million euros have been allocated to humanitarian programs within Ukraine and 66 million euros to support refugees who have arrived in neighboring Moldova.

EU assistance

On February 1, during the summit, the leaders of the European Union approved the allocation of 50 billion euros for Ukraine under the Ukraine Facility program for 2024-2027.

On February 5, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament reached a preliminary agreement to create a new instrument to support the recovery, reconstruction, and modernization of Ukraine, the Ukraine Facility.

The document is to be approved by the European Parliament at the plenary session scheduled for February 26-29, 2024.

Ukraine expects to receive the first payment of 4.5 billion euros in March. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that Ukraine expects to receive 18 billion euros in the first two years of the program.