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Erdogan and Putin to discuss war in Ukraine and grain corridor during meeting

Erdogan and Putin to discuss war in Ukraine and grain corridor during meeting Erdogan and Putin met in Ankara to discuss war in Ukraine (Photo: Getty Images)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will discuss the war with Ukraine and the Black Sea grain initiative during the visit of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to Ankara, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan stated.

The minister did not specify the date of Putin's visit to Turkey. However, last week, a Turkish official told Reuters that he would visit Ankara on February 12.

Fidan said that Turkey is working with Ukraine and Russia to restore the agreement on the grain corridor.

According to him, Ankara values its "ongoing, regular" dialogue with Moscow on various issues, from energy to political disagreements over regional conflicts in Syria, Libya, and the South Caucasus.

"We have always supported and will continue to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but the destructive impact of the war must somehow end," Fidan said.

Work on the grain corridor

In mid-July last year, Russia withdrew from the grain agreement, which allowed Ukrainian grain to be exported through the Black Sea. After that, Ukraine decided to resume exports without the participation of the terrorist country. The Russians tried to obstruct the grain corridor work in every possible way, including by attacks on ports and infrastructure.

Last year, in August, Ukraine opened temporary corridors for civilian trading vessels. The routes are primarily intended for ships in Ukrainian ports since the beginning of the war.

Earlier, Vice Prime Minister for the Reintegration of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov noted that Ukraine exported over 20 million tons of cargo from the ports of Odesa to 32 countries worldwide through the Ukrainian corridor in 6 months. According to him, the ports of Odesa are increasing cargo handling. For example, in January, 6.3 million tons were exported, almost equal to the pre-war level.