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Effective weight loss strategies - Nutritionist's tips

Effective weight loss strategies - Nutritionist's tips Do you need to exercise to lose weight (photo: Freepik)

To lose weight, everyone effectively engages in sports. However, as it turns out, it is not necessary to do so for your weight to decrease.

Tips that effectively help during weight loss - in the material below.

When preparing the article, the following sources were used: Instagram page of nutritionist Tamila Maksyuk and the website.

What will help you lose weight

The nutritionist explained that weight loss requires a comprehensive approach. Therefore, to lose weight, you only need to have a calorie deficit. It should be adequate and recalculated every 5-7 kg lost, changes in physical activity, and daily routine.

The specialist noted that exercising is not mandatory during weight loss since nutrition is crucial. Sports will help keep the body in shape and add endurance and strength.

"So, it depends on your desire. But until the nutrition is adjusted, sports activities will not bring the desired result," added Tamila Maksyuk.

However, during weight gain, strength training is a must.

Actions during weight loss

Expert consultation

First of all, start with a nutritionist consultation. With the specialist, you need to choose a diet restricting the calorie content of products, which will suit your health condition.

It is essential to remember that this deficit should not be critical: for women, consuming less than 1200 kcal is normal, and for men - less than 1500 kcal per day.

Food diary

Such a diary will help you understand what, when, and in what quantities you eat. Perhaps you are not satisfying hunger as much as eating due to stress or boredom - keeping regular records will help figure this out. Be sure to record your emotional state in them.

A smartphone app that calculates consumed proteins, fats, and carbohydrates will also be helpful.

Consolidation of results

If the first positive results are achieved, you should not relax. Try to gradually but steadily change your eating habits towards consuming the right foods.

Having become accustomed to eating the right products, you can control your weight even after "falling off" the diet. A habit is formed in approximately 30-40 days.

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