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Earthquake detected near North Korea's nuclear test site

Earthquake detected near North Korea's nuclear test site Photo: Earthquake detected Near North Korea's nuclear test site (Getty Images)

Today, on January 11, a seismic event with a magnitude of 2.4 was recorded near the North Korean nuclear test site, according to the Yonhap News Agency.

According to the South Korean meteorological agency, the earthquake is likely of natural origin. The tremors were detected approximately 41 kilometers northwest of the city of Kilju.

"Kilju is home to the Punggye-ri nuclear test site, where North Korea conducted all six of its nuclear tests," the agency notes.

Military activities of North Korea

North Korea regularly asserts its "indisputable status as a nuclear state" and conducts frequent ballistic missile launches toward the East and Yellow Seas.

On December 18, there were reports of North Korea allegedly launching a short-range ballistic missile towards the East Sea. A few hours later, Pyongyang conducted additional missile tests.

Meanwhile, the United States and South Korea are working on a joint strategy for nuclear defense, aiming to establish an integrated deterrence system against North Korea's nuclear weapons by the middle of the coming year.