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Doctors reminded how to fight arterial hypertension

Doctors reminded how to fight arterial hypertension How to fight arterial hypertension (photo: Freepik)

This week was World Hypertension Day. One in four men and one in five women in the world suffer from hypertension, or as everyone used to say, “have high blood pressure.” In total, about 1 billion people have this condition.

If your blood pressure is high, see your family doctor. High blood pressure without proper treatment can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney or heart failure, impaired vision, and other complications.

Prevention of hypertension

Your family doctor will provide expert advice on the prevention of hypertension. In particular, the following will help prevent hypertension:

  • control of body weight
  • quitting smoking and alcohol;
  • regular physical activity
  • limited salt intake;
  • inclusion of potassium-rich foods (cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables, greens) in the diet.

Depending on the patient's health status, the family doctor may prescribe additional laboratory and diagnostic tests, a cardiologist's consultation, and medications for cardiovascular diseases.

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