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Doctor names 10 things in your home that provoke sneezing

Doctor names 10 things in your home that provoke sneezing What causes allergies (photo:

Renowned TV doctor Sarah Kayat has revealed the common triggers for sneezing attacks and allergies, which are present in almost every person's home.

Find out what causes allergies and how to protect yourself from them.

Sources used in the article include The Sun and the website of the Oberig clinic.

What causes allergies

According to the doctor, sneezing and other manifestations of this problem are provoked by the following:

  • live flowers
  • old books
  • spices and seasonings
  • perfumes
  • aromatic candles
  • pets
  • air fresheners
  • indoor plants
  • aromatic sticks
  • cleaning products

Лікарі розповіли, як відрізнити алергію від застуди (фото: Freepik)

Why dust allergies occur (illustration:

How to protect yourself from allergies

It's important not to forget about dust mites. They hide in warm and dusty places. That's why the following items in your home can also provoke allergies: children's toys, pillows, carpets, bedding, and cushions.

How to protect yourself from dust allergies:

  • ventilate your home and change bedding regularly
  • vacuum your mattress and pillows
  • beat your duvets and carpets
  • choose hypoallergenic fillings
  • choose household chemicals that do not contain aggressive substances
  • don't forget to clean your vacuum cleaner regularly
  • remember to do wet cleaning regularly
  • maintain the optimal humidity level in the air
  • use air conditioners with ionizers and air purifiers.

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