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Doctor explains in which illness vitamin D does not help

Doctor explains in which illness vitamin D does not help In which illness vitamin D does not help (photo: Freepik)

Most people have a misconception that if a person feels weakness, depression, and symptoms of depression, then they lack vitamin D. And if you replenish its reserves in the body, then this condition will pass.

Psychiatrist Yevhen Skrypnyk tells how exactly vitamin D affects people with depression.

How does vitamin D affect depression

"Some experts in their clinical practice consider it better to prescribe routine screening for vitamin D deficiency, assuming that its deficiency may be associated with unstable or depressed mood, weakness, and rapid fatigue in their patients. This, in turn, may be an important differential diagnostic condition in mood disorders," the doctor says.

At the same time, Skrypnyk emphasizes that there are currently no recommendations for screening for vitamin D deficiency in people suspected of having mental disorders, including mood disorders.

What do the latest studies show

In January 2024, a new meta-analysis titled The Impact of Vitamin D on Primary Depression was published, which demonstrated:

  • vitamin D intake is not a preventive measure for the development of depression
  • vitamin D intake did not alleviate depression symptoms in patients with primary depression whose serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH) D) levels were below 50 nmol/L, indicating a deficiency
  • vitamin D intake alleviated depression symptoms in patients with primary depression whose serum 25(OH) D levels exceeded 50 nmol/L.

"There is still insufficient scientific data on the use of vitamin D as an augmentation to basic treatment for depression. However, it seems interesting that vitamin D intake may be beneficial (in terms of reducing depression symptoms) primarily for people without a deficiency," says Skrypnyk.

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