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CNN: Threat to U.S. national security may be linked to Russia

CNN: Threat to U.S. national security may be linked to Russia Photo: House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner has released intelligence about a serious national security threat to all members of Congress for review. This may be related to Russia, reports CNN.

"Multiple sources familiar with the intelligence characterized it as “very sensitive," the article says.

Earlier, Turner sent a letter to his colleagues in Congress saying that the pressing issue is foreign military capabilities, destabilizing foreign military capabilities.

One of the sources, who saw the intelligence, confirmed that in fact this is a very disturbing and destabilizing Russian potential.

Biden should declassify the information

In a letter to colleagues, Turner said the House Intelligence Committee voted Feb. 13 to give lawmakers access to certain information for review, and says members have time to review it between Wednesday and Friday.

Turner is also calling on President Joe Biden to declassify all information related to this threat.

U.S. President's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also spoke about similar information, but a broader briefing will be held tomorrow.

Aid to Ukraine

On February 13, the U.S. Senate approved a draft law on aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan for $95 billion. In particular, more than 60 billion dollars have been earmarked for Ukraine.

In order for the bill to enter into force, it still needs to be approved by the U.S. House of Representatives and signed by President Joe Biden.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson spoke against such an initiative. He may not bring the bill to the lower house of Congress. In turn, President Joe Biden called on the House of Representatives to urgently approve the bill.