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Cities that could be underwater by 2050: Research results

Cities that could be underwater by 2050: Research results Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

By 2050, low-lying small towns and megacities could find themselves underwater due to rising sea levels and land subsidence, according to scientific reports regarding cities at risk.

Sources used in preparation of the article: and ResearchGate.

Research results

A recent study took into account two main factors:

  • rising sea levels
  • land subsidence (although these indicators were previously ignored by scientists)

It determined that over the next quarter-century, the waters of the World Ocean could rise by about 0.3 meters.

As part of their work, researchers analyzed precise radar measurements reflecting the subsidence of a range of US cities located on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

They also compiled a map of areas most vulnerable to flooding.

Which cities could be submerged

According to scientists, by 2050, 32 American cities are at risk of being flooded.

Not only small towns, but entire megacities could be underwater, including New York, Boston, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Miami (home to approximately 30% of the US population).

The study specifies that even considering current coastal defenses, by 2050, the relative sea-level rise threatens areas ranging from 1006 to 1389 square kilometers, posing a threat to 55-273 thousand people.

Тривожні новини. Вчені визначили, які міста можуть опинитися під водою до 2050 року

Coastal hazards in the United States (infographic:

Is there anything that can be done?

At the same time, scientists propose solutions that could prevent catastrophes and destructive consequences:

  • limiting natural gas extraction
  • restricting the use of groundwater

According to experts, this could help prevent further land subsidence and strengthen coastal defenses.