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Cities in Czechia with growing number of Ukrainian refugees

Cities in Czechia with growing number of Ukrainian refugees Ukrainians in Czechia (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Czechia has firmly established itself as one of the primary destinations for Ukrainians seeking temporary protection. The influx of refugees into the country shows no signs of slowing down, with an additional 1,774 individuals arriving in the past week.

According to, there is not a single municipality in Czechia that hasn't registered at least one Ukrainian with temporary protection status.

Statistics from the Czech Ministry of Interior show that, as of October 16, the country is now home to a total of 362,594 Ukrainians granted temporary protection. Since April, almost 37,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Czechia.

Currently, there isn't a single municipality in Czechia where at least one Ukrainian with temporary protection status hasn't been registered. The capital, Prague, has witnessed the most significant increase in the number of Ukrainian refugees, with an additional 11,000 people settling in the city. The South Moravian Region comes in second with 4,953 individuals, followed by the Central Bohemian Region with 4,442 Ukrainians.

The largest concentration of Ukrainian refugees can be found in Prague, with over 90,300 individuals. The Central Bohemian Region hosts 48,900, South Moravia accommodates 37,600, and the Plzeň Region is home to 30,700 Ukrainians. Additionally, the Moravian-Silesian Region houses 20,900 Ukrainian refugees.

According to the statistics, women make up 60% of the refugee population in Czechia, with men accounting for the remaining 40%. Among these refugees, 161,000 women (44% of the total) are of working age, along with 90,000 men.

In terms of age demographics, the city of Karlovy Vary has the most refugees of retirement age, with 440 individuals. Meanwhile, the highest number of children under the age of 3 and teenagers under 18 can be found in Prague.