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Bus crash in Germany injures nearly 30 schoolchildren

Bus crash in Germany injures nearly 30 schoolchildren Photo: a bus with students overturned in Germany (Getty Images)

In Germany, a double-decker bus carrying high school students on a trip to Britain overturned. As a result of the accident, the bus driver and 27 students were injured, reports Welt.

According to the German police, three girls and a boy sustained serious injuries. They are hospitalized, but their lives are not in danger.

The bus driver also ended up in the hospital with minor injuries. Sixteen other students suffered minor injuries, but received assistance on the spot. The teachers accompanying the high school students were unharmed but in a state of shock.

In total, there were 67 students aged 14 to 15 and five teachers on the bus. The bus was traveling from Marburg on a school trip to England, but on the A45 motorway, it veered off the road and overturned.

Recently in Zaporizhzhia, there was a car accident resulting in one of the cars catching fire. Two people died as a result of the collision between the Nissan X-Trail and Audi cars, and one person was injured.

In mid-April, six cars collided on the outskirts of Kyiv. Five people were injured in the massive accident on the 17th kilometer of the Brest-Litovsk highway.